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The Inclusive Innovation Hub (I2Hub) offers opportunities for individuals and organizations of all sizes to engage with each other and develop skills and tools to more effectively implement inclusive innovation. We collaborate and co-create with each other to advance inclusive innovation practices, expand inclusiveness to broader audiences and context, develop knowledge for inclusiveness systems transitions, and understand when and where inclusiveness in innovation can be expected to produce the greatest benefits for all concerned.

To ensure inclusiveness and accessibility, the I2Hub offers different levels of engagement for everyone to participate. A series of talks, events and materials are freely available to anyone, and don’t require membership. For those interested in and able to make a stronger contribution to the I2Hub and drive the thought leadership role of the hub, we offer the following levels (price points are different for large/small organizations and individuals):

  • Implementation Circle brings together innovators from all sectors (industry, government, not-for-profits and academia) and all areas of innovation to participate in I2Hub activities and gain knowledge, skills and experience to better implement inclusive innovation in their work places, organizations, and individual volunteer or career activities. 

  • Co-Creation Circleequally composed of innovators from all sectors and innovation areas, who, in addition to seeking to apply existing practices in their workplaces engage in co-creation and collaboration to advance inclusive innovation practices, address specific knowledge gaps, and develop resources deemed important to their operations. 

  • Foundational Circle composed of a small group of leaders seeking to achieve inclusive innovation impact across and beyond their organizations, and who come together to provide guidance on actions and research needed to advance inclusive innovation expertise across the innovation system. 

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